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Management Control Energie Analysatoren


Modulare Energiezähler und Netzanalysatoren, Software und Zubehör

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Energy Management
Modular Universal Utility Meter and Power Analyzer
Type WM4-96
• Class 0.5 (current/voltage)
• Universal meter: energy, water and gas
• 32-bit µP-based multifunction power analyzer
• Back-lighted graph display (128x64 dots)
• Front size: 96x96 mm
• Measurement of single phase and system instantaneous variables: W, Wdmd, var, vardmd, VA, VAdmd, PF, PFavg, V, AL, An,
Hz, THD (for all measurements max and min values)
• Measured energies: kWh and kvarh on 4 quadrants
• Graphic display of the load profile (daily, weekly, monthly display)
• Current and voltage inputs with autoranging capability
• 4x4 dgt instantaneous variable read-out
• 4x9 dgt total energies read-out
• 4x6 dgt partial energies read-out
• Optional RS 422/485 serial output
• Optional RS232 + real time clock function and 2Mb data logging of alarms, MIN/MAX events and up to 8 variables with programmable time interval.
• MODBUS RTU, JBUS protocol
• Transmission and reception of SMS messages (vari- ables and alarm status)
• Data transmission and reception by means of analogue modem
• Up to 4 optional pulse outputs
• Up to 4 optional alarm outputs
• Universal power supply: 18-60VAC/VDC, 90-260 VAC/VDC
• Front degree protection: IP 65
Product Description
• 48 independent energy meters to be used as single, dual, multi-time energy management
• Interface with watt-hour meters by means of digital inputs (+kWh, +kvarh, -kWh, -kvarh)
• Interface with gas and water meters by means of digi- tal inputs (one water meter, two gas meters to be used as single or dual time management)
• Display refresh rate: 10 samples/s
• Harmonic distortion analys (FFT) up to the 50th harmonic with graphic and numeric indication (current and voltage)
• Harmonics source detection
How to order WM4-96 AV53H XX XX XX XX X
Universal utility meter and power analyzer which can be used in 3 different operating modes:
- direct measurements for the power quality analysis (LV or MV/HV connection)
- indirect energy and power measurements by means of watt-hour meters (LV or MV/HV connection)
- direct measurements for the
measurements for the ener- gy variables (LV or MV/HV). It’s possible to add the management of gas and water metering to all of these working modes. Automatic transmission of SMS alarm messages. Remote read-out from GSM mobile phones of all the instantaneous variables, the last variables available in the
Model Range code System
Power supply
Slot A Slot B Slot C Slot D Options
How to order Wm4Soft Network
instantaneous variables (LV
data logging and the energy Wm4Soft Remote
connection) and indirect
Type selection
Wm4Soft Network: programm to download memory data and to manage a modem. Wm4Soft Remote: programm to set all the programming parameters.
Range code (on request)
XXX: None
AV5: 240/415 VAC-
1/5 AAC
(max. 300 V (L-N)/
520 V (L-L) - 6 A)
AV7: 400/690VAC -
Slot A (interfacing)
XX: None
D2: 3 universal digital inputs
+ excitation output
Slot B (communication)
XX: None
S1: Serial output, RS485 multidrop, bidirectional
Slot C (alarm or pulse)
XX: None
R1: Single relay output
(AC1-8AAC, 250VAC)
R2: Dual relay output, (AC1-8AAC, 250VAC)
O1: Single open collector
1/5 AAC
(max. 480V (L-N) /
830 V (L-L) / 6 A
Power supply
Slot D (alarm or pulse)
O2: D1:
output (30V/100mADC) Dual open collector out- put (30V/100mADC)
3 digital inputs for volt- age-free contacts
L: 18 to 60VAC/VDC
H: 90 to 260VAC/VDC
XX: None
R2: Dual relay output, (AC1-8AAC, 250VAC)
O2: Dual open collector output (30V/100mADC)
O4: Four open collector out- put (30V/100mADC)
X: None
M: Serial port RS232+RTC+ 2Mb or Data memory to store all events and contin- uous record up to 8 variables
E1: WEB-server option
D2: 3 universal digital inputs
+ excitation output
Specifications are subject to change without notice WM4-96 DS200706 1

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoAusgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges - CARLO GAVAZZI - AQ1042 German380 Kbytespdf1-mostradoAusgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges - CARLO GAVAZZI - AQ1042
pdf1-Ausgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges - CARLO GAVAZZI - AQ1042 English12 Mbytespdf1-mostradoAusgwählte Kriterien Sonstiges - CARLO GAVAZZI - AQ1042

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