SIUTCP2 CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien Funktion Ethernet Umsetzer Programmiertool für nicht Typ Zubehör.. Vergrößern
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SIUTCP2 CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien Funktion Ethernet Umsetzer Programmiertool für nicht Typ Zubehör..



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Ausgwählte Kriterien Funktion Ethernet Umsetzer Programmiertool für nicht Typ Zubehör Sonstiges Beschreibung Ethernet bis RS232/485 Modbus Umsetzer

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Energy Management
Type SIU TCP 2
• Virtual COM port serial device server
(Serial Manager)
• RS485 (2 wires) and RS232 serial port available
• Auto detecting 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
• Virtual COM software for Windows
• Easy-to-use configuration software suite
• Cigarette pack size
• Wall and DIN-rail mounting
• Built-in default key to restore factory default settings
• Redundant dual DC power inputs for non stop operation
Product Description
How to order SIU TCP 2
The SIUTCP2 is a gateway between Ethernet (TCP/IP) and RS485 or RS232 serial communications. Data com- ing from the Ethernet (TCP/IP) is sent to the desig- nated RS485 or RS232 port and data being received from RS485 or RS232 port is sent to the Ethernet (TCP/ IP) transparently. By encap- sulating serial data and trasporting it over ethernet,
SIUTCP2 offers full-duplex and bidirectional data. The SIUTCP2 allows to commu- nicate with a remote device both in the Intranet and Internet environment so the communication distance is increased. SIU TCP2 sup- ports TCP server/client, UDP and VIRTUAL COM. SIU TCP2 is supplied with an utility program (Serial Manager), a simple step-by-
step installation software which allows to configure the network parameters of SIUTCP2. The serial manager software pro- vides existing Windows based application to acces serial device by mapping the Virtual Com port to a remote serial server via Ethernet. Anyway the configuration can be also car- ried out through: the web-serv-
er page, the Telnet Console. SIUTCP2 provides two power supply inputs which can be used simultaneously. If any of the power supplies fails, the other one powers the convert- er automatically. In this way an extra assurance of non stop operation is granted.
Supply specification
DC supply 9 to 30VDC, DC 5V
Power-on indication LED
Power consumption 300mA @ 9V (max)
1,5 Watt max
AC/DC power supply adapter Not Included
AD5V1A (US): American adapter on request 5V @ 1.25A AD5V1A (EU): European adapter on request 5V @ 1.25A
Input/Output specifications
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
Connector RJ45 “Link” indication LED
Off: Ethernet disconnected
Blinking with green: Data is transmitting on
Ethernet for 100Mbps
Blinking with Orange: Data is transmitting on
Ethernet for 10Mbps
Protection Built-in 1.5kV magnetic isolation
Ports TCP port 23 (Telnet)
TCP port 4000 (firmware updating)
TCP ports 950 and 966 (hostbased/driver mode) UDP port 1029 (broadcast, monitor)
Virtual Serial COM
Connector Male DB9 “Ready” indication LED, green
Off: no data is trasmitting on COM port,
Blinking: data is transmit-
ting on COM port. RS485 (2 wires) signals Data+, Data-, GND Protection 15kV ESD for all signals
Serial communication parameter
Parity None, even, odd, space, mark
Data Bits 7, 8
Stop Bits 1, 2
Baud rate 1200bps to 230kbps
Protection 15kV ESD
Nodes and max distance
1 unit load up to 32 (1000m)
Windows compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7, serv- er 2003
Blinking (rate 0.5 sec) firmware is running normal- ly
Specifications are subject to change without notice SIUTCP 2 DS 170712 1

Datasheet - PDF

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