SH2D500W1230 CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien FUN Dimmer MOU DIN-Schiene SUP AC Sonstiges INFO1 Dimmer IN.. Vergrößern
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SH2D500W1230 CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien FUN Dimmer MOU DIN-Schiene SUP AC Sonstiges INFO1 Dimmer IN..




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Ausgwählte Kriterien FUN Dimmer MOU DIN-Schiene SUP AC Sonstiges INFO1 Dimmer INFO2 H2 (W36) INFO3 230 VAC INFO4 Szenario Dimmer mit 1x 500W Ausgang für Halogenlampen, Leuchten etc.

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Power dimmer up to 500W Type SH2D500W1230
• Universal dimmer up to 500W for R, L, C
load and LED lamps
• Automatic load detection for L, R, C loads
• Integrated heat sink for temperature dissipation
• 1 dimmable output
• Soft start/stop
• Protected against short circuit, overload and high temperature
• Minimum load 3 W
• Faulty lamp recognition
Product Description Ordering Key S H 2 D 500W 1230
This 500W universal dimmer is designed for DIN-rail mounting. This universal dimmer is suitable for dim- ming resistive, inductive and capacitive loads and LED lamps (see LED lamps table). The maximum load of R, L, C type is 500W depending on the tempera- ture: the reduction is described according to the trend in the diagram “derat- ing curve”.
The dimmer automatically detects if the connected load is resistive, capacitive or inductive, but if a LED lamp is to be driven, the user has to select the right curve as described below. The dimmer is completely
Type Selection
programmable via the smart-house tool.
The technology used enables to electrically pro- tect the dimmer against short circuit, overload and over-temperature. Thanks to the internal bus, it can be easily connected to adjacent dimmers (see “wiring dia- gram”) without the need of cabling the Dupline® BUS. Futhermore, the integrated sink allows you to mount the dimmers adjacently without any reduction of the load due to the increased tem- perature.
DIN housing
2 modules Dimmer Maximum load Output number Power supply
Housing Mounting Max. load Output type Supply: 115 to 240 VAC
2 DIN DIN-rail 500W Power mosfet SH2D500W1230
Output Specifications
Maximum load 500 W for R, L, C load
Note: this is the maximum power supplied to the load: if an inductive transformer is used, the efficiency of about
60% has to be considered before connecting the lamps. If a capacitive transformer is used, the efficiency is about
Minimum load 3 W @ 230 V, 6 W @ 115V Protections Overload, short circuit, thermal Output type Power mosfet
Rated operational voltage 115/240 VAC Operational voltage range 115/240 VAC ±10% Rated operational frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimming speed Programmable
Types of dimmable lamps Incandescent (R) Different types of outputs (L,C) LV halogen lamps with can not be mixed electronic ballast (C)
LV halogen lamps with conventional transformer (L) HV halogen lamps (R)
115/230V dimmable LED lamp ESL (Electron Stimulated Luminescence) lamps
Notes: if energy saving lamps are used, attention has to be paid to the maxi- mum inrush current at start- up: it must not be greater than 3.5A otherwise the overload protection will be activated.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (20.03.2013) 1

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