G34485234230 CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien FUN Ausgangsmodul MOU DIN-Schiene SUP AC IOS Dimmerausgang .. Vergrößern
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G34485234230 CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien FUN Ausgangsmodul MOU DIN-Schiene SUP AC IOS Dimmerausgang ..



Ausgwählte Kriterien FUN Ausgangsmodul MOU DIN-Schiene SUP AC IOS Dimmerausgang NIO 2 Sonstiges INFO1 Ausgangsmodul INFO2 H4 (W72) INFO3 230W Dimmer INFO4 230 VAC INFO5 AC-Versorgung Ausgangsmodul mit 2x230W Dimmerausgang

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Gebäudeautomation Hausautomation


Haus und Gebäude Automatisierung

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Dimmer, 2 outputs
Type G 3448 5234
Du line®
Fieldbus Installationbus
• Switching and dimming of lamps
• 8 control-channel receiver
• Negative or positive phase angle dimming
• For DIN-rail mounting
• LED-indications for Alarm, Dupline® carrier and outputs
• Lamp-protective soft-start function
• Channel coding by GAP 1605
• 4 lighting scenes
• Transmits the status of the dimming outputs
• Protected against short-circuit and overload
Product Description
Ordering Key
G 3448 5234 230
The G3448 5234 2-output lighting scene dimmer is a component of the Dupline Installation System. It permits different types of lamps with wattages up to 2 x 230 W to be operated and dimmed and enables up to 4 lighting arrangements (per output) to be stored, which can then be retrieved at any time. In addi- tion, it transmits the status of
push-button combinations or by means of the test unit, the lighting scenes can be unlocked, modified and also retrieved. With the change- over switches on the front panel, it is possible to select either negative phase angle control or positive phase angle control dimming. The lighting is switched on via a bulb-conserving softstart
Type: Dupline® "H4"- Housing Dimmer
8 Channels
2 outputs
MOSFET 2 x 230 W Analog
Power supply
Type Selection
Supply Ordering no.
the dimming output for every
facility. The dimmer is elec-
individual output. The dimmer setting which was selected last is stored as a "memory setting" in the internal memo- ry and is reselected next time the lighting is switched on via channel 1/5. A power failure will erase the memory setting. The brightness of the lighting scenes is preset at the factory in steps these settings can- not be altered. By the aid of
tronically protected at the power output against over- load and short circuits. The "Fault" LED on the front indi- cates both faults by means of different flashing frequencies. An alarm caused by an over- load or short circuit must be reset manually after rectifying the fault by disconnecting the phase from the mains supply for approx. 3 seconds.
230 VAC G 3448 5234 230
Supply Specifications
Power Supply
Rated operational voltage 230 VAC ±10% Power consumption 12 VA
Power dissipation Max. 3.5 W Frequency 50/60 Hz
Output Specifications
Outputs 2
Dimming capacity 2 x 230 W Rated operational voltage 230 VAC ±10% Dimming speed 3.6 s (5% - 100%)
Response time 1 Cycle:
≤ 272 ms @ 128 channels)
General Specifications
Power ON delay 7 s
Indication for
Supply On LED, Green
Alarm LED, Red – Flashing Slow flashing: Overload Fast flashing: Short circuit
Dupline® carrier LED, Yellow
Output On LED, Red (one per output)
Operating temperature 0° to +50°C/32° to +122°F
Humidity (non-condensing) Max. 85%
Housing H4-housing
Operating Device Switch for selection of ne- gative/positive phase angle control for each individual dimmer
Standards IEC 60669, EN 55022/
EN 50081-1 and EN 55024/ EN 50082-1
Specifications are subject to change without notice (07.05.2007) 1
Dupline® is a registered trademark. A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

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