E3FA-BN11 2M 378858 OMRON Фотоэлектрические датчики, Obj трансп Пластиковые Зеркало (не входит в комплект) 1..

E3FA-BN11 2M




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Фотоэлектрические датчики, Obj трансп Пластиковые Зеркало (не входит в комплект) 100-500mm кабель NPN 2m


Фотоэлемент Фотоэлектрические Датчики

Фотоэлектрические датчики - Цилиндрические - OMRON

Фотоэлектрические датчики - Цилиндрические - E3FA / E3RA - OMRON

* Новый продукт в оригинальной упаковке со всеми гарантиями и сертификатами OMRON

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E3F_-B/-V Special application sensors
Transparent object detection sensor in compact M18 housing
The E3F_-B/-V provide enhanced detection stability for the detection of transparent objects. It allows an easy and intuitive adjustment to individual requirements.
• Easy adjustment to individual requirements for all transparent materials
• P-opaquing technology enables reliable detection of PET bottles also in dusty environments
• Coaxial optics (E3F_-B_ _ 1) for stable, position-independent detection
Ordering Information
Sensor type Sensing distance Connection method Order code
E3FA (plastic housing) E3FB (metal housing)
NPN output PNP output NPN output PNP output
Limited distance reflective 10 to 50 mm – – 2 m – E3FA-VN11 2M E3FA-VP11 2M E3FB-VN11 2M E3FB-VP11 2M
–  – – E3FA-VN21 E3FA-VP21 E3FB-VN21 E3FB-VP21
Coaxial retro-reflective with
P-opaquing function*1
0 to 500 mm
(with E39-RP1)
– – 2 m – E3FA-BN11 2M E3FA-BP11 2M E3FB-BN11 2M E3FB-BP11 2M
–  – – E3FA-BN21 E3FA-BP21 E3FB-BN21 E3FB-BP21
Retro-reflective with
P-opaquing function*1
0.1 to 2m
(with E39-RP1)
– – 2 m – E3FA-BN12 2M E3FA-BP12 2M E3FB-BN12 2M E3FB-BP12 2M
–  – – E3FA-BN22 E3FA-BN22 E3FB-BN22 E3FB-BN22
*1 The Reflector is sold separately. Select the Reflector model most suited to the application. For PET detection E39-RP1 is recommended for best detection stability.
Ratings and Specifications
Sensing method Limited distance reflective Retro-reflective with P-opaquing function
Model NPN
Pre-wired E3F_-VN11 2M E3F_-BN11 2M E3F_-BN12 2M M12 Connector E3F_-VN21 E3F_-BN21 E3F_-BN22
Pre-wired E3F_-VP11 2M E3F_-BP11 2M E3F_-BP12 2M
M12 Connector E3F_-VP21 E3F_-BP21 E3F_-BP22
Sensing distance 10 to 50 mm 0 to 500 mm (coaxial) 0.1 to 2 m
Light source (wavelength) Red LED (624 nm)
Power supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC (include voltage ripple of 10%(p-p) max.)
Operation mode Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable by wiring
Sensitivity adjustment One-turn adjuster
Protection circuits Reversed power supply polarity protection, Output short-circuit protection and Reversed output polarity protection
Response time 0.5 ms
Ambient temperature Operating –25 to 55°C
Storage –30 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
Degree of protection IEC: IP67, DIN 40050-9: IP69K
Material Case and Nut E3FA: ABS, E3FB: Nickel brass
Lens and Display PMMA
Coaxial optics (E3F_-B) for detection through small holes
Reliable detection of PET bottles by unique p-opaquing technology
Limited-reflective types suitable for detecting transparant film to shiny, mirror film.

Datasheet - PDF

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