H3DS-MLC 171767 OMRON Таймеры, 17.5 мм DIN Многофункциональный Quick Connect Увеличить
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H3DS-MLC 171767 OMRON Таймеры, 17.5 мм DIN Многофункциональный Quick Connect





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Таймеры, 17.5 мм DIN Многофункциональный Quick Connect



Таймеры - Аналоговые твердотельные реле времени - OMRON

Таймеры - Аналоговые твердотельные реле времени - H3DS - OMRON

* Новый продукт в оригинальной упаковке со всеми гарантиями и сертификатами OMRON

*Эта цена за единицу и является чистая стоимость (не включая налоги, если это применимо).

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H3DS Analog solid state timers
DIN-rail mounted, standard 17.5 mm wide solid state timer range
This broad range of timers includes many functionalities and has a wide AC/DC power supply range. Models with screwless clamp connection available.
• 17.5 mm width, modular 45 mm
• DIN-rail mounting
• 24-48 VDC and 24-230 VAC
• 0.1 s to 120 h, 7 ranges
Ordering information
Type Supply voltage Control output Time setting range
Operating modes Order code
Screw terminal type
Screw-less clamp type
Multi-functional timer 24 to 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)/
24 to 48 VDC
SPDT 0.1 s to120 h ON-delay, flicker OFF start, flicker ON start, signal ON/OFF-delay, signal OFF-delay, interval, one-shot
Standard timer ON-delay, flicker ON start, interval, one­shot H3DS-SL H3DS-SLC Single function timer ON-delay H3DS-AL H3DS-ALC Twin timer Relay SPDT 0.1 s to 12 h Flicker OFF start, flicker ON start H3DS-FL H3DS-FLC Star-delta timer 2× Relay SPST-NO 1 s to 120 s Star-delta H3DS-GL H3DS-GLC
Two-wired timer 24 to 230 VAC/VDC (50/60 Hz)
SCR output 0.1 s to 120 h ON-delay H3DS-XL H3DS-XLC
Terminal block Screw terminal type: Clamps two 2.5 mm2 max. bar terminals without sleeves
Screw-less clamp type: Clamps two 1.5 mm2 max. bar terminals without sleeves
Mounting method DIN-rail mounting
Operating voltage range 85 to 110% of rated supply voltage
Power reset Minimum power-off time: 0.1 s, 0.5 s for H3DS-G
Reset voltage 2.4 VAC/VDC max., 1.0 VAC/VDC max. for H3DS-X
Voltage input Max. permissible capacitance between input lines (terminals B1 and A2): 2,000 pF Load connectable in parallel with inputs (terminals B1 and A1)
H-level: 20.4 to 253 VAC/20.4 to 52.8 VDC L-level: 0 to 2.4 VAC/VDC
Control output Contact output: 5 A at 250 VAC with resistive load (cos = 1)
5 A at 30 VDC with resistive load (cos = 1)
Ambient temperature Operating: -10 to 55°C (with no icing) Storage: -25 to 65°C (with no icing)
Accuracy of operating time ±1% max. of FS (±1% ±10 ms max. at 1.2 s range)
Setting error ±10% ±50 ms max. of FS
Influence of voltage ±0.7% max. of FS (±0.7% ±10 ms max. at 1.2 s range)
Influence of temperature ±5% max. of FS (±5% ±10 ms max. at 1.2 s range)
Life expectancy (not H3DS-X) Mechanical: 10 million operations min. (under no load at 1,800 operations/h) Electrical: 100,000 operations min. (5 A at 250 VAC, resistive load at 360 operations/h)
Size in mm(HxWxD) 80x17.5x73

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoOMRON - H3DS-MLC - 171767English142 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - H3DS-MLC - 171767
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - H3DS-MLC - 171767English3 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - H3DS-MLC - 171767

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