E3NX-FA21 2M 375076 OMRON Advanced Sensors, Display cc 2S / 1E NPN Smart Noise Reduct. N-Core GIGA RAY 2S

E3NX-FA21 2M




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Advanced Sensors, Display cc 2S / 1E NPN Smart Noise Reduct. N-Core GIGA RAY 2S

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E3NX-FA Fiber amplifier
High-performance digital fiber amplifier
The E3NX-FA amplifier is best choice for most challenging fiber applications in terms of long sensing distance, minute object detection or high speed processes.
• Easy teaching by Smart tuning within a few seconds
• New N-Smart technology provides significant improvement for sensing distance, minimum object detection and speed
• Easy and transparent information about sensor status by Solution Viewer and
Change Finder function
• EtherCAT Communication unit for high-speed field bus connectivity
Ordering information
Item Connection Inputs/Outputs Order code
NPN output PNP output
Standard models Pre-wired 1 output E3NX-FA11 2M E3NX-FA41 2M Fiber amplifier connector E3NX-FA6 E3NX-FA8
Advanced models Pre-wired 2 outputs + 1 input E3NX-FA21 2M E3NX-FA51 2M Fiber amplifier connector 1 output + 1 input E3NX-FA7 E3NX-FA9
2 outputs E3NX-FA7TW E3NX-FA9TW M8 connector 1 output + 1 input E3NX-FA24 E3NX-FA54
2 output – E3NX-FA54TW
Networking model*1
Connector for communication unit via com. protocol E3NX-FA0
*1 For field bus connection please chose communication unit E3NW-ECT for EtherCAT.
Fiber amplifier connectors
Shape Type Comment Order code
Fiber amplifier connector 2 m PVC cable (4 pin) E3X-CN21
30 cm PVC cable with M12 plug connector (4 pin) E3X-CN21-M1J 0.3M
30 cm PVC cable with M8 plug connector (4 pin) E3X-CN21-M3J-2 0.3M
Communication units
Shape Communications method Applicable Amplifier Units Order code
Sensor communication unit for EtherCAT E3NX-FA0
Sensor dispersion (slave) unit E3NW-DS
E3NX-FA Fiber amplifier
Type Standard models Advanced models Model for sensor communications unit
NPN output E3NX-FA11 E3NX-FA6 E3NX-FA21 E3NX-FA7 E3NX-FA7TW E3NX-FA24 – E3NX-FA0
Connection method Pre-wired Wire-saving connector
Pre-wired Wire-saving connector M8 connector Connector for sensor communications unit
Outputs 1 output 2 outputs 1 output 2 outputs 1 output 2 outputs via com. protocol
External inputs – 1 input 1 input – 1 input – –
Light source (wavelength) Red, 4-element LED (625 nm)
Power supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)
Power consumption At power supply voltage of 24 VDC
Standard model or model for sensor communications unit: Normal mode: 960 mW max. (current consumption: 40 mA max.),
Power saving eco mode: 840 mW max. (current consumption: 35 mA max.)
Advanced model:
Normal mode: 1,080 mW max. (current consumption: 45 mA max.),
Power saving eco mode: 930 mW max. (current consumption: 40 mA max.)
Control output Load power supply voltage: 30 VDC max., open-collector output – Load current: groups of 1 to 3 amplifires: 100 mA max., groups of 4 to 30 amplifires: 20 mA max.
Residual voltage: at load current of less than 10 mA: 1 V max. at load current of 10 to 100 mA: 2 V max.
OFF current: 0.1 mA max.
Super-high-speed Mode Operate or reset for model with 1 output: 30 μs, with 2 outputs: 32 μs
High-speed Mode (HS) Operate or reset: 250 μs
Standard Mode (Stnd) Operate or reset: 1 ms
Giga-power Mode
Operate or reset: 16 ms
Super-high-speed Mode 0
High-speed Mode (HS) 10
Standard Mode (Stnd) 10
Giga-power Mode 10
Functions Auto power control (APC), dynamic power control (DPC), timer, zero reset, resetting settings, eco mode, bank switching, power tuning, and hysteresis width
Maximum connectable units 30
*1 The mutual interference prevention function is disabled if the detection mode is set to super-high-speed mode.
E3NX-FA Fiber amplifier
Easy One-Button-Teaching/Smart Tuning
Press the
TUNE button
Automatic setting of optimum values
once with a workpiece and once without a workpiece
Threshold + Incident level
5000 9999
Set to the intermediate value between
the incident levels with and
without a workpiece.
Incident level adjustment with and without a workpiece
Dynamic range increased by a factor of 40,000
Easy setting of optimum power and threshold by pushing tune button twice.
Smart power control
Always ON
Long-term stability
Automatically compensate light intensity
Without APC
With APC
Smart Power
Incident level
Automatically compensate incident level
Target value (displayed incident level)
Setting value
(threshold value)
Flashes when compensation is
no longer possible.
Enhanced signal stability control for compensating power reductions caused by temperature drift, dust or aging of LED. Alarm output added for predictive maintenance.
N-Smart platform
The N-Smart platform provides wide portfolio of advanced sensors – all with the same intuitive operation concept and field bus connectivity.

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3NX-FA21 2M - 375076English259 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3NX-FA21 2M - 375076
pdf1-OMRON - E3NX-FA21 2M - 375076English4 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3NX-FA21 2M - 375076
pdf2-OMRON - E3NX-FA21 2M - 375076English13 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3NX-FA21 2M - 375076

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