E39-L180 364865 OMRON Advanced sensors, mounting bracket ZX1 ZX1-LD50-LD100 View larger
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E39-L180 364865 OMRON Advanced sensors, mounting bracket ZX1 ZX1-LD50-LD100





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Advanced sensors, mounting bracket ZX1 ZX1-LD50-LD100

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Monitoring Products Measurement

Measurement sensors - Laser displacement sensor - OMRON

Measurement sensors - Laser displacement sensor - ZX2 - OMRON

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Smart Sensor Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier
A CMOS Laser Sensor That’s
Optimum for Simple Measurements
• A resolution of 0.002 mm that’s suitable for simple measure- ments.
• Stable measurements for any type of workpiece.
• Models available with four different distance specifications.
• Long-distance model for up to 1,000 mm.
Refer to Safety Precautions on page 4.
This datasheet contains information only for selecting the appropriate model.
Be sure to read the instruction sheet for usage precautions prior to using the product.
Ordering Information
Sensors (Refer to Dimensions on page 5.)
Appearance Connection method Cable length Sensing distance
NPN output PNP output
2 m ZX1-LD50A61 2M ZX1-LD50A81 2M
50 ± 10 mm
5 m ZX1-LD50A61 5M ZX1-LD50A81 5M
40 60
Pre-wired connector 0.5 m ZX1-LD50A66 0.5M ZX1-LD50A86 0.5M
2 m ZX1-LD100A61 2M ZX1-LD100A81 2M
100 ± 35 mm
5 m ZX1-LD100A61 5M ZX1-LD100A81 5M
65 135
Pre-wired connector 0.5 m ZX1-LD100A66 0.5M ZX1-LD100A86 0.5M
2 m ZX1-LD300A61 2M ZX1-LD300A81 2M
300 ± 150 mm
5 m ZX1-LD300A61 5M ZX1-LD300A81 5M
Pre-wired connector 0.5 m ZX1-LD300A66 0.5M ZX1-LD300A86 0.5M
2 m ZX1-LD600A61 2M ZX1-LD600A81 2M
600 ± 400 mm
5 m ZX1-LD600A61 5M ZX1-LD600A81 5M
Pre-wired connector 0.5 m ZX1-LD600A66 0.5M ZX1-LD600A86 0.5M
Accessories (sold separately)
Extension Cables for Pre-wired Connector Models An Extension Cable is not provided with the Sensor. Order an Extension Cable separately.
(Refer to Dimensions on page 6.)
Cable length Model
10 m ZX0-XC10R
20 m ZX0-XC20R
Mounting Brackets A Mounting Bracket is not provided with the Sensor. Order a Mounting Bracket separately if required.
(Refer to Dimensions on page 6.)
Applicable sensors Appearance Model Remarks
Mounting Bracket: 1
ZX1-LD100@ E39-L180
ZX1-LD600@ E39-L181
Nut plate: 1
Phillips screws
(M330): 2
Mounting Bracket: 1
Nut plate: 1
Phillips screws
(M435): 2

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E39-L180 - 364865English2 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E39-L180 - 364865

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