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Advanced Sensors, Communications Unit Amplifier

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Inductive Sensors Proximity Switches

Inductive sensors - Special models - OMRON

Inductive sensors - Special models - E2C-EDA - OMRON

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High Precision Positioning Inductive Proximity Sensor
Proximity Sensor with Separate Amplifier Enables Easily Making High- precision Sensitivity Settings.
• Wide variety of Sensor Heads to select according to the application. Flexible cables are used between Preamplifiers and Amplifier Units of the Sensor Heads.
• High resistance to changes in ambient temperature. Temperature characteristics of 0.08%/°C (for 5.4-dia. models).
• Make simple and reliable detection settings with micron-level
precision using the teaching function.
• Check the sensing excess gain level on the digital display.
• Support for high-precision positioning and screening with fine positioning to maximize variations.
• The E2C-EDA0 supports an EtherCAT Sensor Communications Unit or CompoNet Sensor Communications Unit.
For the most recent information on models that have been certified for safety standards, refer to your OMRON website.
Be sure to read Safety Precautions on page 10.
Ordering Information
Sensors [Refer to Dimensions on page 12.]
Sensor Heads
Type Appearance Sensing distance Repeat accuracy Cable specification Model
3 dia. × 18 mm
0.6 mm
1 μm Free cutting *2 E2C-EDR6-F
Standard *2 E2C-ED01
Screw Flat Screw
5.4 dia. × 18 mm
8 dia. × 22 mm
M10 × 22 mm
30 × 14 × 4.8 mm
1 mm
2 mm
2 mm
5 mm
1 μm
2 μm
2 μm
2 μm
Free cutting *2 E2C-ED01-F
With Protective
Spiral Tube *1 *2 E2C-ED01-S
Standard *2 E2C-ED02
Free cutting *2 E2C-ED02-F
With Protective
Spiral Tube *1 *2 E2C-ED02-S
Standard *2 E2C-EM02
Free cutting *2 E2C-EM02-F
With Protective
Spiral Tube *1 *2 E2C-EM02-S
Standard *2 E2C-EV05
Free cutting *2 E2C-EV05-F
With Protective
Spiral Tube *1 *2 E2C-EV05-S
Standard *2 E2C-EM07M
Free cutting *2 E2C-EM07M-F
Unshielded M18 × 46.3 mm
7 mm
5 μm
With Protective
Spiral Tube *1 *2 E2C-EM07M-S
Heat-resistant M12 × 22 mm
2 mm
2 μm Standard *2 E2C-EM02H
*1 Ask your OMRON representative for information on the Protective Spiral Tube.
*2 Overall length of free-cut cable: 3.5 m, Length from the Sensor Head to the Preamplifier: 0.5 m (Overall length of the standard cable with
Protective Spiral Tube: 2.5 m, Length from the Sensor Head to the Preamplifier: 2 m)

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pdf1-OMRON - E2C-EDA0 - 360188English5 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E2C-EDA0 - 360188
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - E2C-EDA0 - 360188English653 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E2C-EDA0 - 360188

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