E2B-M12KS04-WP-B2 2M 375220 OMRON Proximity Sensor, Inductive M12 4mm Flush PNP NC 3h 2m Cable Lite View larger
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E2B-M12KS04-WP-B2 2M 375220 OMRON Proximity Sensor, Inductive M12 4mm Flush PNP NC 3h 2m Cable Lite

E2B-M12KS04-WP-B2 2M




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Proximity Sensor, Inductive M12 4mm Flush PNP NC 3h 2m Cable Lite

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Inductive Sensors Proximity Switches

Inductive sensors - Special models - OMRON

Inductive sensors - special models - E2B

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E2B Compact – cylindrical
The ideal solution for standard industrial conditions
Thanks to the simple construction and Omron’s innovative “hot melt” production process, the E2B sensors embody two characteristics: value-for-money and high
• All-round-visible indicator
• The laser printed part number
• Vibration shock resistance: IEC 60947-5-2 (10 to 55 Hz)
• Operating temperature: –25 to 70°C
• Water resistance: IP67
Ordering information
Size Sensing distance Output configuration Order code (for pre-wired types with 2 m PVC cable) Operation mode NO Operation mode NC
M8  – 2.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-S08KS02-WP-B1 2M*2 E2B-S08KS02-WP-B2 2M*2
–  4.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-S08KN04-WP-B1 2M*2 E2B-S08KN04-WP-B2 2M*2
M12  – 4.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M12KS04-WP-B1 2M E2B-M12KS04-WP-B2 2M
–  8.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M12KN08-WP-B1 2M E2B-M12KN08-WP-B2 2M M18  – 8.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M18KS08-WP-B1 2M E2B-M18KS08-WP-B2 2M
–  16.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M18KN16-WP-B1 2M E2B-M18KN16-WP-B2 2M M30  – 15.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M30KS15-WP-B1 2M E2B-M30KS15-WP-B2 2M
–  30.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M30LN30-WP-B1 2M E2B-M30LN30-WP-B2 2M
Connector types
Size Sensing distance Output configuration Order code
Operation mode NO Operation mode NC
M8  – 2.0 mm PNP*1
E2B-S08KS02-MC-B1*2 E2B-S08KS02-MC-B2*2
–  4.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-S08KN04-MC-B1*2 E2B-S08KN04-MC-B2*2
M12  – 4.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M12KS04-M1-B1 E2B-M12KS04-M1-B2
–  8.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M12KN08-M1-B1 E2B-M12KN08-M1-B2
M18  – 8.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M18KS08-M1-B1 E2B-M18KS08-M1-B2
–  16.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M18KN16-M1-B1 E2B-M18KN16-M1-B2
M30  – 15.0 mm PNP*1 E2B-M30KS15-M1-B1 E2B-M30KS15-M1-B2
–  30.0 mm PNP*1 E2A-M30LN30-M1-B1 E2B-M30LN30-M1-B2
*1 NPN models are available. For ordering replace “-B1” or “-B2” by “-C1” or “-C2”.
*2 M8 sized housings are only available in stainless steel (SUS 303).
Optional features
Refer to complete datasheet or contact your OMRON representative for the below optional features
Sensing module and body
– Single sensing distance (ideal for compatibility with previous machine generations)
– Long body (ideal for mounting through thicker constructions)
– M8 3-pin -MC e.g. E2B-S08KS02-MC-B1
– 200 mA max. load current
E2B Compact – cylindrical
(Exemplary for shielded versions.)
Item M8 M12 M18 M30
E2B-S08KS E2B-M12KS E2B-M18KS E2B-M30KS Sensing distance 2 mm10% 4 mm10% 8 mm10% 15 mm10% Response frequency 1,500 Hz 1,000 Hz 500 Hz 250 Hz
Power supply voltage
(operating voltage)
12 to 24 VDC. Ripple (p-p): 10% max. (10 to 32 VDC)
Protective circuits Output reverse polarity protection, Power source circuit reverse polarity protection
Ambient temperature
Operating and storage
–25 to 70C
Degree of protection IP67 after IEC 60529
Material Case Stainless steel Brass-nickel plated
Sensing surface PBT
High-visibility ring LED indicator Laser printing part number

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