E32-T16PR 2M 356126 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Zonal 11mm Flexible Barrier View larger
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E32-T16PR 2M 356126 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Zonal 11mm Flexible Barrier

E32-T16PR 2M




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Photoelectric sensor, Zonal 11mm Flexible Barrier

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Security Light Curtains

Lightcurtains and area sensors - OMRON

Lightcurtains and area sensors - E32 Area monitoring - OMRON

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E32 Area monitoring Lightcurtains and area sensors
Area monitoring fiber sensor heads
When mounting space is crucial or the objects are very small, the area monitoring
fibers provide a reliable object detection even when the object position varies within the monitored range.
In combination with the window monitoring function or the serial transmission of the received light level values of the fiber amplifiers, simple height comparison or measuring applications can be realized.
• Area monitoring up to 70 mm height
• Multi-beam sensor with 4 separate heads for flexible detection points
• Standard or high flex fibers
Ordering information
Sensor type Sensing height
Sensing distance (in mm)*1
Order code
(in mm)
Standard fiber High-flex fiber Standard fiber High-flex fiber
10 4000 4000 – – E32-T16 –
*2 11 2200 3300 1700 2550 E32-T16P E32-T16PR 2M
30 3600 4000 2600 3900 E32-T16W 2M E32-T16WR 2M
50 – – 3000 4000 – E32-ET16WR-2 2M
70 – – 3500 4000 – E32-ET16WR-1 2M
11 2000 3000 1500 2200 E32-T16J 2M E32-T16JR 2M
4 × seperate
M3 heads
1300 1900 – – E32-M21 –
11 – – 300 450 – E32-D36P1 2M
*1 Sensing distance measured with Standard mode
*2 Sensing area aligned to top of housing.
Item Standard High-flex
E32-T16 E32-M21 E32-T16J E32-T16P E32-T16W
E32-D36P1 E32-ET16WR-1
E32-T16JR E32-T16PR E32-T16WR
Permissible bending radius R25 R10 R4 R1
Cut to length Yes
Ambient temperature –40°C to 70°C
Material Head ABS Stainless steel ABS Brass-nickel plated Aluminium ABS
Fiber PMMA
Sheath Polyethylene coating PVC coating Polyethylene coating PVC coating
Degree of protection IEC 60529 IP67 IEC 60529 IP50 IEC 60529 IP54 IEC 60529 IP50
Output 1: ON Output 2: OFF
Output 1: ON Output 2: ON
The two outputs of the E3NX-FA can be used to detect two different light levels
In combination with the twin output function of the E3NX-FA amplifier, the diffuse reflective area monitoring fibers can detect very small objects (e.g. needles) and a second state (e.g cover present). The area beam compensates for position variations at high speed.

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