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Security Product, switching rate, mech Lock / Unlock solen.24Vcc 1NC / 1NO + 1NC / 1NO M20

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Safety. Safety door switches - Guard-lock safety door switch - OMRON

Safety. Safety door switches - Guard-lock safety door switch - D4NL- OMRON

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D4NL Safety door switches
Guard-lock safety door switch
The D4NL guard-lock safety-door switches are available with four or five built-in
contacts. When locked, they have a key holding force of up to 1300 N. Mechanical lock/solenoid release types and vice versa set up the complete range.
• Safety-door switch with electromagnetic lock or unlock mechanism
• Models with four or five built-in contacts
• Strong key holding force: 1300 N
• For standard loads and micro loads
• Keys are compatible with D4GL and D4NS
Ordering information
Switches (with approved direct opening contacts)
For 110 V and 230 V version ask your local Omron representative
Lock and release types
Mechanical lock solenoid release
Contact configuration Conduit opening Order code
1NC/1NO + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4AFA-B
1NC/1NO + 2NC M20 D4NL-4BFA-B
2NC + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4CFA-B
2NC + 2NC M20 D4NL-4DFA-B
2NC/1NO + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4EFA-B
2NC/1NO + 2NC M20 D4NL-4FFA-B
3NC + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4GFA-B
3NC + 2NC M20 D4NL-4HFA-B
Lock and release types
Solenoid lock mechanical release
Contact configuration Conduit opening Order code
1NC/1NO + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4AFG-B
1NC/1NO + 2NC M20 D4NL-4BFG-B
2NC + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4CFG-B
2NC + 2NC M20 D4NL-4DFG-B
2NC/1NO + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4EFG-B
2NC/1NO + 2NC M20 D4NL-4FFG-B
3NC + 1NC/1NO M20 D4NL-4GFG-B
3NC + 2NC M20 D4NL-4HFG-B
Note • Conduit sizes of G1/2 and Pg 13,5 are also available.
• Solenoid: 24 VDC, Orange LED: 10 to 115 VAC/VDC
Operation keys (order separately)
Type Order code
Type Order code
Horizontal mounting D4DS-K1
Vertical mounting D4DS-K2
Adjustable mounting
Adjustable mounting
Degree of protection IP67 (EN60947-5-1) (This applies for the switch only. The degree of protection for the key hole is IP00.)
Mechanical 1,000,000 operations min.
Electrical 500,000 operations min. for a resistive load of 3 A at 250 VAC
Operating speed 0.05 to 0.5 m/s
Operating frequency 30 operations/minute max.
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz
Contact gap 2x2 mm min
Direct opening force *2
60 N min. (EN60947-5-1)
Direct opening travel *2 10 mm min. (EN60947-5-1)
Holding force 1,300 N min.
Minimum applicable load Resistive load of 1 mA at 5 VDC (N-level reference value)
Thermal current (Ith) 10 A (EN60947-5-1) Conditional short-circuit current 100 A (EN60947-5-1) Pollution degree (operating environment) 3 (EN60947-5-1) Protection against electric shock Class II (double insulation)
Ambient temperature Operating: –10C to 55C (with no icing or condensation)
*1 The durability is for an ambient temperature of 5C to 35C and an ambient humidity of 40 to 70%. For more details, consult your Omron representative.
*2 These figures are minimum requirements for safe operation.
Note: The above values are initial values.

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