61F-GPN-BT 24VDC 159956 OMRON Monitoring relays, conductive level controller, plug, open collector, 24VDC View larger
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61F-GPN-BT 24VDC 159956 OMRON Monitoring relays, conductive level controller, plug, open collector, 24VDC





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Monitoring relays, conductive level controller, plug, open collector, 24VDC

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Monitoring products - Conductive level controller - OMRON

Monitoring products - Conductive level controller - 61F-GPN-BT/-BC - OMRON

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61F-GPN-BT/-BC Level Control
Compact plug-in (11-pin) level controller (DC supply)
This controller is for single- or two-point level control. 24 VDC supply allows for usage in locations without AC power supply. Relay contact chattering usually caused by
waves has been eliminated by using open collector output, reducing contact wear.
• Adjustable sensitivity: Operation range: 0 to 100 k
• Red LED for operation indicator
• Conforms to EMC and LVD directives
• UL/CSA approved
• Probes need to be ordered separately
Ordering information
Product name Output Order code
Conductive level controller Open collector (NPN) 61F-GPN-BT 24VDC Relay contact (SPST-NO) 61F-GPN-BC 24VDC
Front socket PF113A-E
Electrode holders
Applications Mounting style Insulator material
Max. temperature Number of electrodes
Order code
For city water and other general use.
Easy-to-replace separate versions for maintenance.
Flange Phenol resin 70°C 3 PS-3S
When mounting space is limited.
Special 3-pole holder of small size and light weight.
Screw Phenol resin 3, 300 mm
3, 1000 mm
PS-31-300MM PS-31-1000MM
Use for sewage, sea water, etc., having a low specific resistance.
For resistance to high pressure.
Use in tanks with high temperature or pressure.
Flange PPS 150°C (without water drips or vapour on the 1 BF-1 electrode holder surface)
Screw PFA 250°C (without water drips or vapour on the 1 BS-1 surface of the electrode holder)
Electrode separators Number of electrodes
Order code
Electrodes, connecting, and lock nuts
1 F03-14 1P
3 F03-14 3P
Applicable liquids Material Component Indication mark Inscription Order code
Purified city water, industrial water, sewage Equivalent to SUS Electrode (1 m long) 1 line – F03-01 SUS201
Purified city water, industrial water, sewage, dilute alkaline solution
SUS316 (AISI-316)
Connecting nut – – F03-02 SUS201
Lock nut – – F03-03 SUS201
Electrode (1 m long) 2 lines – F03-01 SUS316
Connecting nut – 6 F03-02 SUS316
Lock nut – 316 F03-03 SUS316
Item 61F-GPN-BT 61 F-GPN-BC Rated voltage 24 VDC
Allowable voltage range 85 to 110% of the rated voltage
Interelectrode voltage 5 VAC max.
Error For scale of 0: +10 k, for scale of 100: ±10 k
Release resistance 200% max. of the operation resistance
Switching between supply and drainage Terminals 7 and 8 open: Automatic drainage operation terminals 7 and 8 shorted: Automatic supply operation
Output specifications Open collector (NPN) 30 VDC, 100 mA max. SPST-NO 5 A, 240 VAC (resistive load)
2 A, 240 VAC (inductive load: cos = 0.4)
Life expectancy – Electrical: 100,000 operations min.
Mechanical: 20,000,000 operations min.
Wiring distance 100 m max.
Ambient operating temperature –10 to 55°C
Response time Operating: 1.5 s max., releasing: 3.0 s max.
Size in mm (HxWxD) 49.9x38x70

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoOMRON - 61F-GPN-BT 24VDC - 159956English147 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - 61F-GPN-BT 24VDC - 159956

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