E2A-M12KN05-WP-B1 2M 234568 OMRON Proximity sensor, Short 3h NoEnr 5mm M12 PNP 2m Cable View larger
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E2A-M12KN05-WP-B1 2M 234568 OMRON Proximity sensor, Short 3h NoEnr 5mm M12 PNP 2m Cable

E2A-M12KN05-WP-B1 2M




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Proximity sensor, Short 3h NoEnr 5mm M12 PNP 2m Cable

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Inductive Sensors Proximity Switches

Inductive sensors - Compact - cylindrical - OMRON

Inductive sensors - Compact - cylindrical - E2A - OMRON

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Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor
E2A Single Sensing Distance
High quality for extra long life in daily use
• wide portfolio range through modular concept
• designed and tested for extra long life
• IP67 and IP69k for highest protection in wet environments
• continuously high quality level through specialized manufacturing process
• DC 3-wire and DC 2-wire models
• Normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) and antivalent (NO+NC) models
• Stainless steel and brass housings
• Pre-wired versions with different cable materials and diameters, M8 and M12 connector types, pre-wired types with cable end connectors
Ordering Information
DC 3-wire models (NO + NC: DC 4-wire) *2
Size Sensing distance
Connec- tion
Body material
length (overall length)
confi- guration
Operation mode NO Operation mode NC
Shiel- ded
M12 connector
M8 connector
27 (40)
49 (62)
27 (43)
49 (65)
27 (39)
PNP E2A-S08KS01-WP-B1 2M E2A-S08KS01-WP-B2 2M NPN E2A-S08KS01-WP-C1 2M E2A-S08KS01-WP-C2 2M PNP E2A-S08LS01-WP-B1 2M E2A-S08LS01-WP-B2 2M NPN E2A-S08LS01-WP-C1 2M E2A-S08LS01-WP-C2 2M PNP E2A-S08KS01-M1-B1 E2A-S08KS01-M1-B2
NPN E2A-S08KS01-M1-C1 E2A-S08KS01-M1-C2
PNP E2A-S08LS01-M1-B1 E2A-S08LS01-M1-B2
NPN E2A-S08LS01-M1-C1 E2A-S08LS01-M1-C2
PNP E2A-S08KS01-M5-B1 E2A-S08KS01-M5-B2
NPN E2A-S08KS01-M5-C1 E2A-S08KS01-M5-C2
PNP E2A-S08LS01-M5-B1 E2A-S08LS01-M5-B2
49 (61)
NPN E2A-S08LS01-M5-C1 E2A-S08LS01-M5-C2
PNP E2A-S08KS01-M3-B1 E2A-S08KS01-M3-B2
M8 connector (4-pin)
Stain- less
27 (39)
49 (61)
NPN E2A-S08KS01-M3-C1 E2A-S08KS01-M3-C2
PNP E2A-S08LS01-M3-B1 E2A-S08LS01-M3-B2
NPN E2A-S08LS01-M3-C1 E2A-S08LS01-M3-C2
PNP E2A-S08KN02-WP-B1 2M E2A-S08KN02-WP-B2 2M
27 (40)
NPN E2A-S08KN02-WP-C1 2M E2A-S08KN02-WP-C2 2M
PNP E2A-S08LN02-WP-B1 2M E2A-S08LN02-WP-B2 2M
Non- shiel- ded
2.0 mm
M12 connector
M8 connector
49 (62)
27 (43)
49 (65)
27 (39)
NPN E2A-S08LN02-WP-C1 2M E2A-S08LN02-WP-C2 2M PNP E2A-S08KN02-M1-B1 E2A-S08KN02-M1-B2
NPN E2A-S08KN02-M1-C1 E2A-S08KN02-M1-C2
PNP E2A-S08LN02-M1-B1 E2A-S08LN02-M1-B2
NPN E2A-S08LN02-M1-C1 E2A-S08LN02-M1-C2
PNP E2A-S08KN02-M5-B1 E2A-S08KN02-M5-B2
NPN E2A-S08KN02-M5-C1 E2A-S08KN02-M5-C2
PNP E2A-S08LN02-M5-B1 E2A-S08LN02-M5-B2
49 (61)
NPN E2A-S08LN02-M5-C1 E2A-S08LN02-M5-C2
PNP E2A-S08KN02-M3-B1 E2A-S08KN02-M3-B2
M8 connector
27 (39)
NPN E2A-S08KN02-M3-C1 E2A-S08KN02-M3-C2
(4 pin)
PNP E2A-S08LN02-M3-B1 E2A-S08LN02-M3-B2
49 (61)
NPN E2A-S08LN02-M3-C1 E2A-S08LN02-M3-C2
Cylindrical Proximity Sensor E2A 1

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoProximity sensor, inductive, nickel-brass, short body, M12, unshielded, 5 - OMRON - E2A-M12KN05-WEnglish606 Kbytespdf1-mostradoProximity sensor, inductive, nickel-brass, short body, M12, unshielded, 5 - OMRON - E2A-M12KN05-W

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