PY08-02 104360 OMRON Basis for relay Base MY 8-pin PCB Terminals View larger
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PY08-02 104360 OMRON Basis for relay Base MY 8-pin PCB Terminals





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Basis for relay Base MY 8-pin PCB Terminals

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Timers - Analogue solid state timers - OMRON

Timers - Analogue solid state timers - H3YN - OMRON

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H3YN Analog solid state timers
Miniature timer with multiple time ranges and multiple operating modes
H3YN features 4 multi-operating modes: ON-delay, interval, flicker ON start and flicker OFF start.
• Size in mm (H×W×D): 28×21.5×52.6
• Plug-in
• All supply voltages available
• 0.1 s to 10 h
• DPDT (5A) or 4PDT (3A)
Ordering information
Supply voltage Functions Time-limit contact Order code
Short-time range model (0.1 s to 10 min) Long-time range model (0.1 min to 10 h)
12 VDC ON-delay
DPDT H3YN-2 12DC H3YN-21 12DC
24 VAC
24 VDC
Flicker ON Flicker OFF
H3YN-2 24AC H3YN-21 24AC H3YN-2 24DC H3YN-21 24DC
100 to 120 VAC H3YN-2 100-120AC H3YN-21 100-120AC
200 to 230 VAC H3YN-2 200-230AC H3YN-21 200-230AC
12 VDC 4PDT H3YN-4 12DC H3YN-41 12DC
24 VAC H3YN-4 24AC H3YN-41 24AC
24 VDC H3YN-4 24DC H3YN-41 24DC
100 to 120 VAC H3YN-4 100-120AC H3YN-41 100-120AC
200 to 230 VAC H3YN-4 200-230AC H3YN-41 200-230AC
Connecting socket Hold-down clips
Timer DIN-rail mounting/
Back-connecting socket
Applicable socket Order code
front-connecting socket
PCB terminal
Y92H-3 (pair)
H3YN-2/-21 PYF08A, PYF08A-N, PYF08A-E PY08-02
H3YN-4/-41 PYF14A, PYF14A-N, PYF14A-E PY14-02
PY08, PY08-02, PY14-02 Y92H-4
Item H3YN-2/-4 H3YN-21/-41
Time ranges 0.1 s to 10 min (1 s, 10 s, 1 min, or 10 min max. selectable) 0.1 min to 10 h (1 min, 10 min, 1 h, or 10 h max. selectable)
Rated supply voltage 24, 100 to 120, 200 to 230 VAC (50/60 Hz)
12, 24, 48, 100 to 110, 125 VDC
Pin type Plug-in
Operating mode ON-delay, interval, flicker OFF start, or flicker ON start (selectable with DIP switch) Operating voltage range 85 to 110% of rated supply voltage (12 VDC: 90 to 110% of rated supply voltage) Reset voltage 10% min. of rated supply voltage
Control outputs DPDT: 5 A at 250 VAC, resistive load (cos = 1), 4PDT: 3 A at 250 VAC, resistive load (cos = 1)
Accuracy of operating time ±1% FS max. (1 s range: ±1% ±10 ms max.)
Setting error ±10% ±50 ms FS max.
Reset time Min. power-opening time: 0.1 s max. (including halfway reset)
Influence of voltage ±2% FS max.
Influence of temperature ±2% FS max.
Ambient temperature Operating: –10 to 50°C (with no icing), storage: –25 to 65°C (with no icing)
Degree of protection IP40
Size in mm (H×W×D) 28×21.5×52.6

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