EATON MOELLER NZMH2-4-A100 265831 Circuit-breaker, 4p, 100A View larger
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EATON MOELLER NZMH2-4-A100 265831 Circuit-breaker, 4p, 100A





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Circuit-breaker, 4p, 100A

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Circuit Breakers Electrical Power

Circuit-breakers NZM - EATON - MOELLER

Compact circuit-breaker, up to 300A - EATON - MOELLER

* Brand new produt in its original packing covered by the warranties and certifications provided by EATON - MOELLER

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Delivery programme
Product range
Protective function
  System and cable protection
Installation type
Release system
  Thermomagnetic release
Construction size
  Set value in neutral conductor is synchronous with set value Ir of main pole.
Number of poles
  4 pole
Standard equipment
  Screw connection
Switching capacity
400/415 V 50 Hz
Rated current = rated uninterrupted current
Rated current = rated uninterrupted current
In = IuA100
Neutral conductor
% of phase conductorCSA100
Setting range
Overload trip
IrA 80 - 100
Main pole
IrA 80 - 100
Short-circuit releases
Ii = In x … 6 - 10
Short-circuit releases
IrmA 600 - 1000
Technical data
  IEC/EN 60947
Protection against direct contact
  Finger and back of hand proof to VDE 0106 Part 100
Climatic proofing
  Damp heat, constant, to IEC 60068-2-78
Damp heat, cyclic, to IEC 60068-2-30
Ambient temperature
Ambient temperature, storage
 °C- 40 - + 80
 °C-25 - +70
Mechanical shock resistance (10 ms half-sinusoidal shock) according to IEC 60068-2-27
 g20 (half-sinusoidal shock 20 ms)
Safe isolation to EN 61140
Between auxiliary contacts and main contacts
 V AC500
between the auxiliary contacts
 V AC300
Mounting position
Vertical and 90° in all directions
 >With residual-current release XFI:
- NZM1, N1, NZM2, N2: vertical and 90° in all directions
with plug-in adapter elements
- NZM1, N1, NZM2, N2: vertical, 90° right/left
with withdrawable unit:
- NZM3, N3: vertical, 90 ° left
- NZM4, N4: vertical
with remote operator:
- NZM2, N(S)2, NZM3, N(S)3, NZM4, N(S)4: vertical and 90° in all directions

Direction of incoming supply
  as required
Degree of protection
  In the operating controls area: IP20 (basic degree of protection)
  With insulating surround: IP40
With door coupling rotary handle: IP66
  Tunnel terminal: IP10
Phase isolator and strip terminal: IP00
Other technical data (sheet catalogue)
>Temperature dependency, Derating
>Effective power loss
Rated current = rated uninterrupted current
In = IuA100
Rated surge voltage invariability
Main contacts
Auxiliary contacts
Rated operational voltage
UeV AC690

1) Details apply for 3 pole system protection circuit-breaker with thermomagnetic release NZMN(H)1(2)(3)-A... to 500 A.

For rated operating voltage switching via 3 contacts:

DC correction factor for instantaneous release response value: NZM1: 1.25, NZM2: 1.35, NZM3: 1.45

Set value for Ii at DC = set value Ii AC/correction factor DC

Switching of one pole via two series contacts Switching of one pole via three series contacts
 >  >
Overvoltage category/pollution degree
Rated insulation voltage
Use in unearthed supply systems
CAD data
>Product-specific CAD data
>3D Preview

PDF of EATON MOELLER NZMH2-4-A100 265831 Circuit-breaker, 4p, 100A

Datasheet 1: 265831 - NZMH2-4-A100English179 KbytesDatasheet 1: 265831 - NZMH2-4-A100
Datasheet 2: 265831 - NZMH2-4-A100English161 KbytesDatasheet 1: 265831 - NZMH2-4-A100
Complete catalogue 1: 265831 - NZMH2-4-A100English40 MbytesDatasheet 1: 265831 - NZMH2-4-A100

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