GUARDIAN2 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Vision Sensor HOUSING rectangular SENSING RANGE 1 ... 5 m.. View larger
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GUARDIAN2 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Vision Sensor HOUSING rectangular SENSING RANGE 1 ... 5 m..





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Selected parameters SYSTEM Vision Sensor HOUSING rectangular SENSING RANGE 1 ... 5 m CONNECTION Terminals OUTPUT RELAY SPST MATERIAL Plastic Others SENSING RANGE 3 m HOUSING 210 x 77 x 58 mm MATERIAL PC + ABS ADDITIONAL Motion and Presence Detector

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Combined Motion and Presence Detector
for Automatic Curved and Straight Sliding Doors
• Overhead sensor for curved and straight sliding doors
• Motion and presence detection in one unit
• Digital Video Camera Technology
• Easy teach of presence zone
• Environmental adaptation
• No Crosstalk between sensors
• Separate motion and presence output
• 2 x SPST relay outputs
• Supply voltage: 12 to 24 VAC/DC
• LED indication for: Power, Motion and Presence
• CE, UL325 and TÜV approved
Product Description
Ordering Key
The GUARDIAN 2 is an over- head sensor for pedestrian slidingdoors.Thesensor has combined motion and presence (safe) detection zones. The sensor is based on CMOS camera technolo- gy and detectionon image processing. The motion zone reacts only to movement whereas the presence zone reacts to both movement and presence. The motion zone can be blanked in 3 directions (front, left and right) in order to avoid detec-
tion ofunwanted objects. The presence zone is taught intothe sensor byrecogni- tion of standard test targets in the setupphase -itwill adapt to theshapeofa curved or straight sliding door. The presence zone also adapts to the surround- ings to work in different weather conditions. The sen- sor has separate outputs for the motion and presence zones as well as a test input totestthesensorfunction for each door cycle.
Type Selection
Housing sizeOrdering no.
210 x 77 x 58 mm GUARDIAN 2
Rated operational voltage (Ue) 12 - 24 VAC (12 - 24 VCA) RMS incl. ripple 50-60 Hz,
±15% tolerance
12 - 24 VDC (12 - 24 VCC)
±15% tolerance
Test input* Max. input current 5 mA Active high: ON > 9 VAC/VDC
OFF < 6 VAC/VDC Active low:ON < 6 VAC/VDC
No load supply current (Ie)
192 mA230 mA@ 12V AC
146 mA170 mA@ 12V DC
103 mA120 mA@ 24V AC
65 mA80 mA @ 24V DC
SensitivityAdjusting in 7 steps
Presence zone reaction time
Reaction time:210 ms (20% contrast, object speed 1 m/s, test
TechnologyDigital video camera technology
Power ON delay5 seconds
Output function*
Safety and Motion Zone Relay – SPST Common relay data: 1A DC 30VDC
Operations minimum600.000 @ 0,5A, 50 VAC/
30 VDC
Operations minimum100.000 @ 1A, 30 VDC
body CA (DIN18650-1)) Fall time: 500 ms
Motion zone reaction time
Reaction time:1,2 s (20% contrast, object speed 1 m/s, test body CA (DIN18650-1))
Fall time: 500 ms
* UL connected to supply class 2
Specifications are subject to change without notice (01.06.2012) 1

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