MPF3-912RSL MPF3912RSL CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Photo-Amplifier HOUSING rectangular SENSING .. View larger
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MPF3-912RSL MPF3912RSL CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters SYSTEM Photo-Amplifier HOUSING rectangular SENSING ..





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Selected parameters SYSTEM Photo-Amplifier HOUSING rectangular SENSING RANGE 6 ... 20 m CONNECTION Terminals OUTPUT RELAY SPST MATERIAL Plastic Others SENSING RANGE 15 m HOUSING 86 x 50 x 57 mm MATERIAL PC ADDITIONAL 3-Channel

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Photocells Photoelectric Sensors Detectors


Photoelectric Sensors

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Through-beam System, Relay Output
• Industrial doors and gates
• Range: 15 m
• Modulated infrared light
• Option with individually adjustable channel sensitivity
• Amplifier with “Snap-ON” photoelectric switches
• Supply voltage: 12-24 VAC/DC
• Output: SPST relay (low voltage)
• LED indications for light ON and supply ON
• Ø12 mm “Snap-ON”, Ø18 or M14 photoelectric housing
• 1, 2 or 3 multiplexed channels
• With make or break test input
• CE, UL325 and UL508 approved
Product Description
Ordering Key
The MPFRS.. isa familyof inexpensive general purpose photoelectric sensors in 3 dif- ferent types of housings with separate amplifier. They are designed to meet the require- ments for industrial doors and gates. The “Snap-ON” photo switch can be mounted in material with a thickness from
0.6 mm and up to 2.25 mm. The sensor set is easy to use and no adjustments are nec- essary.Theamplifierhasa
test input designed to disable the emitters and therefore evaluate the sensor function. Multiplexed channels prevent cross-talkbetween each set of photosensors.The ampli- fier is available with the follow- ing voltage: 12-24 VAC/DC. The output is made as positive securitye.g.powerlost, short-circuit or broken sensor cable makes the relay go to off state.
AmplifierMPF 3 912 RSL AI
Number of channels Voltage supply Output relay
Low voltage Adjustable sensitivity Inverted test input (break)
SensorMPF T 15 M14 4C
Type Emitter Range
Housing diameter
Optical angle
Type Selection, Amplifier
HousingOrdering no.
W x H x DSupply: 12-24 VAC/DC
70 x 57 x 86 mmMPF1-912 RSL MPF2-912 RSL MPF3-912 RSL
MPF1-912 RSLI *) MPF2-912 RSLI *) MPF3-912 RSLI *)
MPF1-912 RSLA *) MPF2-912 RSLA *) MPF3-912 RSLA *)
MPF1-912 RSLAI *) MPF2-912 RSLAI *) MPF3-912 RSLAI *)
Connectors on cable
*) Products available on request
Type Selection, Photoelectric Switch
HousingRated Optical Ordering no.Ordering no.Ordering no. diameteroperational angleEmitter Receiver Fitting
distance (Sn)
Ø12 mm 15 m 4°MPFT 15-4 MPFR-4
M1415 m 4°MPFT 15-M14-4 MPFR-M14-4
D1115 m 4°MPF 15-D11-4MPFR-D11-4
D1815 m 4°MPFT 15-D18-4MPFR-D18-4
Ø12 mm 15 m 4°MPFT 15-4C MPFR-4C
M1415 m 4°MPFT 15-M14-4CMPFR-M14-4C D1115 m 4°MPF 15-D11-4C MPFR-D11-4C D1815 m 4°MPFT 15-D18-4C MPFR-D18-4C
Fitting for Ø12 AMPF-MB1
Specifications are subject to change without notice (11.02.2010) 1

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