UA12BLD02NPM1TR CARLO GAVAZZI BOX SYSTEM Sensor parameters selected hastaq M12 SCOPE 0.2 m CONNECTION M12 co.. View larger
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UA12BLD02NPM1TR CARLO GAVAZZI BOX SYSTEM Sensor parameters selected hastaq M12 SCOPE 0.2 m CONNECTION M12 co..





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BOX SYSTEM Sensor parameters selected hastaq M12 SCOPE 0.2 m CONNECTION M12 connector DC OUT DC NPN MATERIAL Metal Other BOX M12 x 79mm SCOPE 0.2 m Material Stainless steel

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Ultrasonic Radar Sensors


Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors and Motion Radar Sensors

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Diffuse, PNP or NPN Outputs
Type M12
• M12 stainless steel housing
• Sensing distance: 25 - 200 mm
• Remote Teach by wire
• Outputs: 1 switching outputs PNP or NPN
• Setup of NO or NC via Remote teach
• Power supply: 10 to 30 VDC
• 8° beam angle
• Protection: Short-circuit, reverse polarity, transients
• Protection degree IP 65
• M12 plug, 4 pin
Product Description
Ordering Key UA12BLD02PPM1TR
A self-contained multi func- tion diffuse ultrasonic sensor with a sensing range of 25 to 200 mm. 1 switching out- put - easily set up for NO or NC switching modes and adjusted by teach-in - makes it ideal for level control tasks in a wide variety of appli- cations. A Stainless steel
housing provides the per- fect packaging for the sofis- ticated microprocessor con- trolled and digitally filtered sensor electronics. Excellent EMC performance and pre- cision are typical features of this sensor based on true distance measurement.
Ultrasonic sensor Housing style Housing size Housing material Housing length Detection principle Sensing distance Output type
Output configuration
Remote teach
Type Selection
Housing Connection Rated operating Outputs Ordering no. dimensions dist. (Sn)
M12 x 79 mm Plug M12, 4 pin 25-200 mm 1 x PNP, NO/NC UA12BLD02PPM1TR
M12 x 79 mm Plug M12, 4 pin 25-200 mm 1 x NPN, NO/NC UA12BLD02NPM1TR
Technical Data
Rated operational volt. (Ue) 10 to 30 VDC (ripple included)
Ripple 10%
Output current (Ie) max. 100 mA (continuous)
No-load supply current (Io) ≤ 35 mA
Protection Short-circuit, transients and reverse polarity
Rated insulation voltage > 1 kV
Output 1 PNP or NPN open coll.
NO or NC via Teach
Power-on delay < 400 ms Voltage drop (Ud) < 1.4 V Off-state current (Ir) < 100 µA
Indication Set points, 1 LED, yellow
Echo, 1 LED, green
Rated operating distance 25-200 mm
Operating frequency 20 Hz
Carrier Frequency 400 kHz
Response time 10 ms (target speed 1 m/s)
25 ms (step response)
Hysteresis (H) (differential travel) 2% Repetability 0.3 mm Temperature compensation Yes Beam angle 12° Ambient temperature
Operating and Storage -20° to +70°C (-4° to +158°F)
Degree of protection IP 65
Housing material Stainless steel
Connection Plug M12, 4-pin
Cables for plug (M1) CONM14 series
Weight 22 g Tightening torgue 15 Nm CE-marking Yes
Specifications are subject to change without notice (05.06.2013) 1

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - UA12BLD02NPM1TREnglish392 Kbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - UA12BLD02NPM1TR
pdf1-CARLO GAVAZZI - UA12BLD02NPM1TREnglish12 Mbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - UA12BLD02NPM1TR
pdf2-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - UA12BLD02NPM1TREnglish151 Kbytespdf1-mostradoCARLO GAVAZZI - UA12BLD02NPM1TR

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