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Energy Management
Modular Smart Power Quality Analyzer
Type WM3-96
• Class 0.5 (current/voltage)
• 32-bit µP-based modular smart power quality analyzer
• Graph display (128x64 dots)
• Front size: 96x96 mm
• Measurements of single phase and system variables: W, Wdmd,
VA, VAdmd, PF, PFavg, V, A, An dmd (for all of them max. and
min. values). Energies: ±kWh, 4 quadrant varh measurement.
• Neutral current measurement
• TRMS measurement of distorted waves (voltage/current)
• Current and voltage inputs with autoranging capability
• 4x4-dgt instantaneous variable read-out
• 4x9-dgt total energies read-out
• 4x6-dgt partial energies read-out
• 48 independent energy meters to be used as single,
dual, multi-time energy management
• Sampling rate: 10 samples/s
• Harmonic distorsion analysis (FFT) up to 50th harmonic
with both graph and numerical indication (of current
and voltage)
• Harmonics source detection
• Optional RS232 + real time clock function with data
logging of alarm and MIN/MAX events, montly energy
metering recording
• Degree of protection (front): IP 65
• Up to 4 optional alarm setpoints
• Up to 4 optional pulse outputs
• Up to 4 optional analogue outputs
• Optional serial RS 422/485 output
• Universal power supply: 18 to 60VAC/DC - 90 to 260 VAC/DC
• MODBUS RTU, JBUS, N2 METASYS protocols (on request)
Product Description
32-bit µP-based smart power quality analizer with a built-in configuration key-pad.
The housing is for panel mounting and ensures a degree of protection (front) of IP 65. The instrument is par-
Type Selection
ticularly indicated for those application where there is the need to control the power supply quality. The variables being displayed are more than 400.
Ordering Key WM3-96AV53H XX XX XX XX X
Model Range code System
Power supply
Slot A Slot B Slot C Slot D Options
Range code
AV5: 240/415 VAC -
1/5 AAC
(max. 300 V (L-N)/
520 V (L-L) - 6 A) (standard)
AV7: 400/690VAC -
1/5 AAC
(max. 480V (L-N) /
Slot A (signal retransmission)
XX: None
A1: Single analogue output,
20mADC (standard)
A2: Single analogue output,
±5mADC 1)
A3: Single analogue output,
±10mADC 1)
A4: Single analogue output,
Slot B (communication)
XX: None
B1: Dual analogue output,
20mADC (standard)
B2: Dual analogue output,
±5mADC 1)
B3: Dual analogue output,
±10mADC 1)
B4: Dual analogue output,
Slot C (alarm or pulse out)
XX: None
R1: Single relay output, (AC1-8AAC, 250VAC) 1)
R2: Dual relay output,
(AC1-8AAC, 250VAC) 1)
O1: Single open collector output (30V/100mADC) 1)
O2: Dual open collector out-
830 V (L-L) / 6 A 1)
Dual analogue
W1: Dual analogue output,
put (30V/100mADC)
D1: 3 digital inputs 1)
20mADC (standard)
B2: Dual analogue output,
±5mADC 1)
10VDC (standard)
W2: Dual analogue output,
±1VDC 1)
Slot D (alarm or pulse out)
3: One phase, three-
B3: Dual analogue output,
±10mADC 1)
W3: Dual analogue output,
±5VDC 1)
phase system
(3 or 4 wires, balan- ced load)
Three phase system (3 or 4 wires, unba- lanced load)
Power supply
B4: Dual analogue output,
±20mADC 1)
V1: Single analogue output,
10VDC (standard)
V2: Single analogue output,
±1VDC 1)
V3: Single analogue output,
±5VDC 1)
W4: Dual analogue output,
±10VDC 1)
S1: Serial port,
RS485 multidrop, bidirectional 1)
XX: None
R2: Dual relay output,
(AC1-8AAC, 250VAC) 1)
O2: Dual open collector out- put (30V/100mADC) 1)
O4: 4 open collector out- puts (30V/100mADC) 1)
V4: Single analogue output,
±10VDC 1)
Slot A + Slot B
Max 4 analogue outputs
L: 18 to 60VAC/DC 1)
H: 90 to 260VAC/DC
1) On request
W1: Dual analogue output,
10VDC (standard)
W2: Dual analogue output,
±1VDC 1)
W3: Dual analogue output,
±5VDC 1)
W4: Dual analogue output,
±10VDC 1)
Slot C + Slot D
max 4 digital outputs
X: None
S: Serial RS232 + RTC N: With N2 Metasys protocol C: options: S+N
Specifications are subject to change without notice WM3-96DS0303 1

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