E32-L25A 392255 OMRON Lichtschranke, Reflex 3.3mm Brennpunkt fixiert Vertic





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Lichtschranke, Reflex 3.3mm Brennpunkt fixiert Vertic

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Lichtleitersensoren und -verstärker - Lichtleiter-Sensorköpfe - OMRON

Lichtleitersensoren und -verstärker - Lichtleiter-Sensorköpfe - E32 Präzisionserfassung - OMRON

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Standard fiber unit
The fiber optic - E32 series provides for each sensing problem the optimum solution
Omron offers with the E32-fiber optics series a huge range of fiber optic sensors for all automation tasks, whether it's for ba- sic object detection, positioning, color analysis or high accura- cy sensing.
Omrons takes a leading part in fiber technology with a long time experience in producing
fiber optic solutions for all kind of industry.
Everything from head size, sensing distance, mounting, beam size up to special heat - and chemical resistant materials can be chosen in order to best suit your application.
The E32 series provides for each sensing problem the opti- mum solution
On top of it, Omron provide customised fiber solutions based
on your demand and specification, made in Germany.
Variation of fiber optics
Flexible fiber models are indicated by an "R" at the end of the model number.
Flexible fiber contains multiple cores. These cores are all surrounded by cladding, giving a minimum bending radius of 1 mm. The
fiber can be bent at right angles without affecting the light intensity. Handle it just like any other cable.
Conventional Fiber
Conventional fiber uses just one core and one cladding section. Bending the fiber may break it or reduce the light intensity.
Flexible Fiber
Flexible fiber contains multiple independent cores all surrounded by cladding. The fiber can be bent without breaking or reducing the light intensity.
Fiber for robot application
Individual cores in one bundle, Surrounded by cladding, Strong against repeatable bending.
Bending radius 4 mm
Coaxial fibers
The accuracy of coaxial fibers is very high, due to the special orientation of transmitter- and receiver fibers.
With the special lens unit, the spot beam can be reduced to
min. 0,1 mm.
Coaxial fibers and lens unit (small spot)
E32-EC31 E32-EC41

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E32-L25A - 392255English3 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E32-L25A - 392255
pdf1-OMRON - E32-L25A - 392255English4 Mbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E32-L25A - 392255
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