CB18CLN12TOFT CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien Anschluss Kabel Material Kunststoff Gehäuse M18 Schaltabsta.. Vergrößern
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CB18CLN12TOFT CARLO GAVAZZI Ausgwählte Kriterien Anschluss Kabel Material Kunststoff Gehäuse M18 Schaltabsta..





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Ausgwählte Kriterien Anschluss Kabel Material Kunststoff Gehäuse M18 Schaltabstand >10 bis 15 mm Ausgang AC Triac System Sensor Sonstiges Gehäuse M18 x 101,5 mm Schaltabstand 12 mm Material Thermoplastik Polyester

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Proximity Sensors Capacitive, ATEX Thermoplastic Polyester Housing Type CB, Ø18, AC
Product Description
• Capacitive level sensor for solid, fluid or granulated substances
• Featuring TRIPLESHIELD™ sensor protection
• Rated operational voltage: 20-250 VAC
• Adjustable sensing distance 3-12 mm
• Output: SCR with fixed delay of 30 sec.
• Make or break switching function
• LED indication
• High noise immunity
• Non-flush types
• Cable versions
• Fixed output ON-delay of 30 sec.
• ATEX ll 3DX T75°C
Ordering Key CB18CLN12TOFTAX
ATEX approved Capacitive proximity switches with sen- sing distance 12 mm non- flush mounted.
2-wire AC output with make (NO) and break (NC) switch- ing. Grey Ø18 polyester
Type Selection
housing with 2 m PVC cable. Ideal for detecting grain or solids as level indicator in tanks, silos or containers. Typical segments: agriculture, food & Beverage, conveyor- belts, plastic & rubber, etc.
Capacitive proximity switch
Housing style Housing size Housing material Housing length Detection principle Sensing distance Output type
Output configuration
Timer type
Housing Rated Mounting ATEX Ordering no. Ordering no. diameter operating zone SCR/cable SCR/cable
dist. (Sn) 1) Make Break switching switching
M18 12 mm Non-flush CB18CLN12TOFT CB18CLN12TCFT
M18 12 mm Non-flush 22 CB18CLN12TOFTAX CB18CLN12TCFTAX
1) Object: Grounded steel plate
Rated operating dist. (Sn)
CB18CLN12 3 to 12 mm
factory set at 12 mm
Sensitivity Adj. 270° turn pot. meter Effective operation dist. (Sr) 0.9 x Sn ≤ Sr ≤ 1.1 x Sn Usable operation dist. (Su) 0.8 x Sr ≤ Sn ≤ 1.2 x Sr Repeat accuracy (R) ≤ 5%
Hysteresis (H) 4 to 20% of sensing distance Rated operational volt. (UB) 20 to 250 VAC (ripple incl.) Ripple ≤ 10%
Rated operational current (Ie)
Continuous -25°65°< to 80°C Ie ≤ 350 mA
Short-time < 2.5 A (max. 20 ms)
Min. load current 10 mA
Degree of protection IP 67 (Nema 1, 3, 4, 6, 13)
Operating temperature -25° to +80°C ( -13° to +176°F) Storage temperature -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)
Housing material
Body Grey, thermoplastic polyester
Front Grey, polyester
Cable end Polyester
Cable Grey, 2 m, 2 x 0.5 mm2
Oil proof PVC
Cable version 110 g
Approvals UL, CSA
AX versions only ATEX zone 22 dust*
Voltage drop (Ud) ≤ 10 VAC (at loads ≥ 20 mA)
Protection Transients
CE-marking Yes
II 3 DX T75°C IP67
Power ON delay ≤ 100 ms
Indication for output ON LED, yellow
* • The cable must not be exposed to a pulling force.
• Sensor housing must be protected against mechanical shock
Specifications are subject to change without notice (25.09.2008) 1

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